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See an hour of Yakuza Zero PS4 gameplay in 1080p/60fps

Like a dragon.

If you're still lamenting the fact that the Shenmue series never made it to next-gen platforms, here's the next best thing: Yakuza Zero, an 80s gangster epic set in a slightly fictionalised version of Tokyo's red light district, Kabukichō.

Set in December 1988, we get to see series stalwart Kazuma Kiryu and the world's most stylish mobster Majima Goro as young upstarts making their way in the honour-bound world of organised crime.

A demo for Yakuza Zero recently arrived in Japan and YouTuber Japanese Entertainment has a full hour of PS4 gameplay in glorious 1080p/60fps.

Like all Yakuza games, the settings and faces are incredibly well realised, even if some animations are a bit fidgety (anyone else bothered by the fact that Kiryu's open jack remains plastered to his butt while swinging?). Sadly this is all in Japanese, so I can't make out much of what they're saying, but it seems like serious business.

This prequel to the Yakuza series is due in Japan on 12th March on both PS4 and PS3. No western release has been announced, but Sega recently revealed that it will be bringing Yakuza 5 to western shores (finally!) later this year. Yakuza 4 is currently a free offering for PlayStation Plus subscribers and its goofy zombie spin-off Yakuza: Dead Souls is likewise available on PSN (even if it isn't free). This gives us hope that Yakuza Zero will eventually make it to this part of the world. Fingers crossed!

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Yakuza Zero

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