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Secret of Mana-esque RPG CrossCode is coming to Switch

Plus Goat Simulator, Forager and plenty more.

Nintendo just detailed some of the indie titles that are heading to the Switch throughout 2019 - as well as some that have just released on the eShop.

While the eagerly anticipated Wargroove was given a release date - and it's soon! - and Image & Form revealed an all-new Steamworld game, other titles ensured that Nintendo's hybrid machine will remain as busy as ever over the coming months. Intriguing looking rhythm action shooter Double Kick Heroes is inbound in the near future, as is Inmost - a 2D puzzle platformer being seen to release by Chucklefish - and Forager, a 2D open world game.

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A suite of games arrived today, including physics puzzler When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, as is Coffee Stain Studios' Goat Simulator and action adventure Unruly Heroes.

One of the stand-outs, though, was CrossCode, developer Radical Fish Games' 16-bit styled action RPG that takes its cues from classics such as Secret of Mana, and that launched on PC last year to rapturous reception. It's due out at some undisclosed point in 2019.