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Search for COG tags at EG Expo

Another round on Wednesday!

UPDATE 28//10: After a jolly successful hunt on the first day of the EG Expo, we're doing it again! Follow the instructions below if you want to have a chance of scavenging a real-life COG tag.

ORIGINAL POST: You're probably thinking that we've announced so much about the Eurogamer Expo now that it's not even worth going. And that's just not like you at all, being so negative. Think happy thoughts! For example, think about our Gears of War 2 COG tag scavenger hunt.

COG tags were difficult to find extras in Gears of War. Well, some of them were difficult to find. They're the COGs' shiny versions of our dog tags, and Microsoft has made a batch of real-life versions that they and we are exclusively going to hide around the Eurogamer Expo venue on Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, if we told you where they were now, or gave you clues, it wouldn't be much of a hunt and they'd be gone in seconds when the doors open, so instead we're going to distribute clues via text message on both days.

All you need to do, if you want a COG tag, is to text the word "GEARS" to 07797 885036 (text messages will be charged at your standard network rate), and then react to the clues we text you over the course of the two days. Obviously you need to be at the Eurogamer Expo to take advantage of this.

The clues you receive will be moderately cryptic, but we're not monsters. We do want you to find them. You'll get five or six texts over the course of the two days, and that will be it. We definitely won't spam you in future either. Good luck!

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