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Scream 4 slashes on to iPhone, iPad

Play as Ghostface, kill nerds.

The Weinstein Company has released a movie tie-in game for slasher flick Scream 4.

Available from the iOS app store, it turns the long-standing series upside down. Players must control series villain Ghostface.

There are four levels to kill people in, including a high school. Inside are three enemies to murder - a jock, a cheerleader and a nerd. If victims notice you, police will appear, but they can be stabbed, too.

Scream 4 on iPhone comes with just a knife. After chasing and cornering your teenager of choice, players then swipe the blade in a specific pattern on the touch screen to gut their innocent victim.

Last month veteran Hollywood producers Bob and Harvey Weinstein announced The Weinstein Company's new video games arm. It also owns movie properties such as Hellraiser, Piranha and Halloween.

"With all of the digital platforms, there are so many opportunities to broaden our audience with compelling, high quality, cost-efficient, video game entertainment," said Bob Weinstein.

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