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Scrabble adds thousands of fresh words, including "newb"


Collins' official Scrabble world list has been updated with 6500 new words, such as facetime, hashtag, ridic, and that great video game term for fresh meat: newb.


Lolz, bezzy, shizzle, dench and thanx are now all officially recognised.

21st century cultural touchstones are well also represented - onesie, twerking, sexting, and the new verb "vape".

The changes are the first set of fresh additions since 2011, BBC News reported.

Scrabble traditionalists may despair at some of the new additions, but Eurogamer's resident lexicographer Chris Donlan is characteristically upbeat about the changes.

"Emoji is actually really useful as it ends in an I, which few words do," Donlan told me just moments ago.

"Also it has a J in. Js are the headshots of Scrabble."