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Sci-Fi MMORPG Dual Universe is now fully launched

Two infinity and beyond.

Sci-fi MMORPG Dual Universe is now fully launched following two years of beta.

The game is available on PC via the official website, on Steam, or the cloud via NVIDIA's GeForce Now.

Check out the trailer below to see the vast, modifiable galaxy of Helios for yourself.

Cover image for YouTube videoDual Universe: Launch Trailer
Dual Universe: Launch Trailer

A trial is also available on Steam, separate to the main game, which offers an overview of the game through accelerated gameplay.

Dual Universe is a single server MMO where humans have awoken from cryosleep in an unknown galaxy. Players are tasked with rebuilding society in a vast sandbox based on voxel-building technology.

That means taking on a variety of roles to build wealth, make connections, and become part of the sci-fi society.

"From military, industrial, and economic advancement to space and planetary exploration, Dual Universe's scope of gameplay is unparalleled," said Nouredine Abboud, CEO of developer Novaquark.

"Players can utilise the most advanced voxel-based tools on the market to build anything from high-tech industrial complexes and adrenaline-inducing race tracks to colossal warships and orbital space stations. Our passionate community has impressed us time after time with their creations during the game's beta. We can't wait to witness players unleash their imagination once more across the far reaches of Helios."

Added Cyrille Fontaine, creative director: "The fabric of Helios will always be in flux due to the choices of its intrepid explorers, plunderers, miners, and pioneers. It is the ultimate sandbox. We're more excited than ever to deliver an experience that lives up to the game's incredible potential."

Previous players of the beta will receive two weeks of free entry to the game to entice them back, while players with an active subscription will have access to a Talent Point (XP) booster for the first six months after release.

For a little on the history of the game, Martin spoke to the developers way back in 2016 on building a space sim in a post-No Man's Sky world.