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Saw II: Flesh & Blood dated

New concept art released.

Konami's Saw II: Flesh & Blood will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 19th October.

That's a Tuesday, and so is perhaps a US specific release date. We're checking now.

The game's release is designed to coincide with the launch of horror film Saw VII 3D. That's the seventh Saw film, don’t you know.

The game charges players with thinking fast under pressure, a bit like the Krypton Factor, but with more spikes.

It's got new traps and puzzles, "more visceral combat", and a storyline that takes place between the first and second movies. Which one had the pit of needles? That was the best one.

You play Detective Tapp's estranged son Michael, who's trying to understand his father's death.

Jigsaw, obviously, is the bad guy.

Konami will bring Saw II, as well as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Def Jam Rapstar, to the Eurogamer Expo 2010. Find out all about the Expo and what games will be on show over on our dedicated website.

Fresh new Saw II concept art is below.