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Save nearly £100 on this premium AOC curved gaming monitor

A 1440p display with a 144Hz refresh rate.

AOC are one of those brands who make quality products but always fly under the radar. Although the Taiwanese company has made reliable monitors for years, their gaming range has a lot to offer too.

Their 34-inch CU34G2X gaming monitor is a high-end display aimed at enthusiasts and esports players alike, and it's currently available for £339 at Amazon. That's nearly £100 off the standard RRP.

It's a VA panel, so you're promised a wide range of viewing angles with great contrast and clarity. And with a WQHD resoltuion, you can take advantage of being even more immersed in your games thanks to the 1500R curved design. Such a wide monitor can also be ideal for productivity and moving around multiple apps and desktop windows.

AOC have also made sure it's ideal for esports and fast-paced action games and shooters, thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate. That means it also has AMD FreeSync support so you'll get minimal screen tearing when you're in the middle of an intense online duel. The 1ms response time also helps in this department.

The stand is also adjustable, letting you bump up (or lower) the height depending on what you're doing. And not only does it have HDMI and DisplayPort support, but a built in USB hub. This is ideal for those of you seeking a minimalistic and tidy desktop, helping you attach peripherals like mouse and keyboard receivers to the monitor instead of having to move your PC around every time you want to connect something up.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 is approaching fast, kicking off on the 12th and 13th July. We expect an abundance of PC gaming deals are on their way including big discounts on gaming monitors, keyboards, mice, headsets and much more. Digital Foundry will be keeping watch as will we here at Jelly Deals. Until then, do check out our guide covering all the best early Prime Day gaming deals.

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