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Samurai Warriors Wii in Feb

Swing your sword.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

KOEI has told Eurogamer that Samurai Warriors: Katana will be on Euro-shelves on 22nd February - just one month later than the US.

It's the Wii version of its popular arcade samurai slash-'em-up, where you journey back to feudal Japan and liberate the land with your katana.

Big attractions this time are using the Wiimote to sever limbs from your enemies as you attack and conquer bases, gradually building your army and earning a name for yourself along the way.

Alongside the campaign mode sits a training area where you can earn gold to buy better equipment for your martial master, and a head-to-head option so you can go at it with a friend.

Pop into Eurogamer TV for the latest Samurai Warriors: Katana video, or into our gallery for the newly released screenshots.

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