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Samurai point-and-clicker

Hand drawn and animated.

Abborado Studios has announced Once Upon A Time in Japan: Earth, the first title of a three-part series that will look at various periods in Japan's "storied" history.

It's a third-person point-and-click adventure for the PC, which tells the story of Zenjiro, a samurai who left his clan during a time of war in search of a peaceful life with his family.

Quality is key for the Texan developer, as Abborado's co-founder Jared Morante explains:

"What we're doing with these games will hopefully enthral players and we strive to excel in every area, from art, to gameplay design, writing, character development, and score."

The title will be digitally hand drawn and animated, inspired by classic Disney and Studio Ghibli animations. A full original score and authentic Japanese voice acting are also expected, as well as laboriously researched puzzles, to ensure their historical accuracy.

The first game is due for release in Q4 2007.

Meanwhile you can catch a glimpse of the latest screenshots for the game.