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Saints Row: Money Shot spotted

Ratings board outs bullet-time spin-off.

A downloadable Saints Row: The Third spin-off has been uncovered, named Saints Row: Money Shot.

Money Shot is listed by the Australian Ratings Board which has the game down as being developed by recently shut division THQ Digital Phoenix.

Footage of a work-in-progress build for the Xbox 360 version, which shows a concealed female assassin firing a sniper rifle towards a target sitting in a taxi, is currently on YouTube.

The player can curve the rifle round through the air in bullet-time, reminiscent of the film Wanted. Mid-air icons can be collected for power and cash bonuses, alongside the option to picking off passing flocks of pigeons.

"You are Cypher, a deadly assassin in the world of Saints Row, and you hunt the most elusive targets with the most sophisticated weaponry that Ultor has to offer," reads a description unearthed by MSXboxWorld.

It's not the first downloadable Saints Row spin-off planned for XBLA. Work on earlier concept Saints Row: Drive By was halted in May, alongside plans for 3DS incarnation Saints Row 3D. Is Money Shot a resurrection of this project, or a new idea entirely?

THQ shut Money Shot developer Digital Phoenix earlier this month, along with two Australian studios, as part of a cull which saw racing franchise MX Vs ATV abandoned.

It's been a bad year for THQ developers - Digital Warrington (Red Faction: Battlegrounds) and Kaos Studios (Homefront) were both shut in June, with Martian action series Red Faction also down the pan.

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