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Rumour: Nintendo DSi discontinued

UPDATE: Nintendo denies claim.

UPDATE: In a statement provided to Eurogamer Nintendo denied that it has discontinued the DSi: "We plan to still manufacture and supply DSi consoles in a range of colours in the UK in 2011. On an on-going basis, continuing supply is based on retail and consumer demand."

ORIGINAL STORY: Nintendo has discontinued production of the Nintendo DSi, according to a Japanese retail source.

The only available DSi units are those currently in inventory, Kotaku reports.

The larger DSi XL is still in production, apparently.

With the Nintendo 3DS handheld just a few months from release, attention is turning away from Nintendo's DS family of consoles. Kotaku speculates the decision might have been made to help differentiate the two consoles in consumers' minds.

Released in 2008, the DSi is the third iteration of the DS. It is similar in design to the DS Lite, features a low-resolution camera and connects to the Nintendo DSi Shop.

We've asked Nintendo for clarification.

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