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Roll7 reveals its new game, Laser League

OlliOlli devs partnering with 505 for multiplayer action game launching in 2018.

Roll7, the Bafta award winning developer behind OlliOlli, has unveiled the new game it's making in partnership with 505 Games - an arcade multiplayer action game called Laser League.

It's a future sport for teams of up to four where players fight for control of nodes and there are lasers and colours and... Look, it's probably best you just had a look at the trailer:

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Roll7 came to fame with the brilliant OlliOlli back in 2014, going on to win a Bafta for their efforts with the skateboarding game.

Laser League will be coming to Early Access later this year, with a final release scheduled for PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2018. You can sign up for the beta over at the official site.

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