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Roguelike TumbleSeed is rolling onto Switch, PS4 and Steam in May

It's Ice Cold Beer meets Spelunky.

TumbleSeed, a roguelike that takes it core mechanic from Taito's 1983 arcade cabinet Ice Cold Beer, is launching 2nd May on Switch, PS4, PC and Mac (via Steam).

For the uninitiated, the way TumbleSeed works is you balance a ball on a beam that extends across the bottom of the screen horizontally. By adjusting the angle of the plank, you roll the titular Tumbleseed about, weaving it in and out of harm's way.

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It's a bit more complicated than that though, as you collect crystals and plant flora that offer all sorts of buffs like a protective barrier, extra hit points, or rain clouds that turn hazardous pits into benign pools.

I played a solid half-hour of TumbleSeed at GDC earlier this year and had a ball with it.

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