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Rocksmith 2014 out in October, announced by Jerry Cantrell

Has a new Session Mode.

There's a new guitar-teaching Rocksmith game coming out this October and it's called, wait for it, Rocksmith 2014.

Alice in Chains legend Jerry Cantrell strode onto the Ubisoft E3 stage to demo the game, his magical fingers making his colourful guitars sing.

He showed off Rocksmith's 2014 new Session Mode using voice controls - presumably Kinect but maybe PS Eye - to page through the new menus. "Rocksmith," he said, "edit Session Mode." "Change Band", "Rock", "Change Instrument 4", "Page Down", "Synth".

What you don't see are the many options he didn't pick, obviously - there looked to be plenty.

Cantrell also confirmed that Alice in Chains' new single "Stoned" will be included with Rocksmith 2014.

Rocksmith, for those who don't know, plugs directly into an electric guitar and aims to teach you to play using various mini-games and its own Guitar Hero-style of transcription so you can play along to music on the screen.

The first Rocksmith was so-so but evidently sold well enough to convince Ubisoft that a sequel was worth doing.

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