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Robot Unicorn Attack gets Android release

More Adult Swim titles could follow.

Joyful Flash game phenomenon Robot Unicorn Attack gallops gleefully onto the Android Marketplace tomorrow, developer Adult Swim has announced.

For those yet to have experienced its not-inconsiderable charms, it's a free-running platformer in the Canabalt vein that sees you attempting to keep the titular mythical cyborg alive while '80s synth-pop crooners Erasure loop endlessly in the background.

Priced at your local equivalent of $1, it marks the developer's first foray onto the Android operating system following a number of iOS launches last year.

"We've gotten a lot of requests for our games on Android," Adult Swim VP Jeff Olsen told Joystiq. "We're starting with Robot Unicorn because we've seen the most call for it. If it performs well, we'll look at our whole catalog and bring over our other top titles."

Amateur Surgeon and Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself) are apparently the next in line to be ported over.

Olsen added that Robot Unicorn Attack's "Heavy Metal" and "Christmas Edition" expansions, which are already available on the App Store, may also follow depending on how well the first game performs.

The original Flash version, which was among Eurogamer's Games of 2010, is still playable on Adult Swim's site.

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