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Rising Star signs Hudson deal

Bringing seven titles to Europe.

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Rising Star Games has inked a deal with Hudson Soft to bring seven titles to Europe, reports.

Between September and March 2008, Rising Star will release Hudson's games on PSP, DS and the Wii.

"We are happy to work with Rising Star Games," offered Hiromo Tomisawa, head of European business for Hudson Soft.

"It is an experienced hand at managing the very best in Japanese games for release in Europe and has a dynamism that matches our goal to return the Hudson brand to Europe once again."

Rising Star has recently bought a number of titles to the PSP and DS including Harvest Moon and Rainbow Islands.

"This is a significant partnership for Rising Star Games and further endorsement that the values and business plan of the company are spot on," added Martin Defries, MD of Rising Star Games.

Read or we'll have to send Matt out to shovel snow instead.

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