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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Rezzed 2013 Leftfield Collection line-up unveiled

Gone Home! Gun Monkeys! Reus! Ether One! And many more.

Last year, at the inaugural Rezzed PC and indie games show, we invited 16 awesome indie developers to bring their games along and show them off in a massive arcade right in the middle of the show floor. Games like BaraBariBall, Gateways, Gunpoint and Proteus were the talk of the show.

This year we're going even bigger. Rezzed is about PC games primarily, but really it's about the indie spirit, and we think that goes beyond platforms. That's why we've also invited four great new independent mobile and tablet games - in addition to another 16 independent PC games - to make up the Leftfield Collection at Rezzed 2013, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham on 22nd/23rd June. Tickets available now at

There's a huge variety of games in this year's line-up. On the PC we have everything from Apotheon, a gory 2D platform RPG drawing on ancient Greek mythology, to Gone Home, an adventure game we previewed last year where a young student returns from a year abroad to find her family home abandoned without explanation.

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We also have Ether One, a first-person game where you play as a Restorer, someone who explores the fractured memories of people with mental illness; Size Five Games' Gun Monkeys, featuring procedurally generated multiplayer online cartoon deathmatch; and icefishing v, a sound-art exploration game and interactive album.

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On iOS, meanwhile, we have the likes of pacifist shooter Helix and Harry Lee's minimalist puzzle game Stickets, which is due out soon and looking extremely fine.

This is the full PC line-up, complete with descriptions courtesy of Leftfield Collection curator David Hayward:

  • Apotheon - Alientrap Games
    "Platform RPG - as beautifully drawn as the side of a Greek vase."
  • Ending - Aaron Steed
    "Based on roguelike combat, this is a brutal puzzle game in which you can die very suddenly."
  • Ether One - White Paper Games
    "An ambitious and already accomplished-looking indie project, Ether One is a first-person action game without the shooting."
  • Full Mojo Rampage - Over the Top Games
    "Top-down, 3D roguelike set in a voodoo dimension."
  • Gone Home - The Fullbright Company
    "A spooky yet calm exploration game, Gone Home is crafted down to fine detail, making it wonderfully evocative of a mid-nineties American house."
  • Gun Monkeys - Size Five Games
    "More accessible than previous Size Five title Gibbage, Gun Monkeys is a two-player, 2D deathmatch game with smeary neon visuals and over the top action."
  • Hacker, the movie hacker simulation game - Liam Fogerty
    "Ever wanted to randomly hammer keys while pretending to be a hacker in a film? Well now you can, but with a game to validate it so you don't feel embarrassed when other people are watching."
  • icefishing v - Nathan Gallardo
    "Made by sound designer Nathan Gallardo, this is an abstract, first-person exploration game inspired by glitch music and drones."
  • Luminesca - Matt Glanville
    "Ambient, underwater exploration game that makes excellent use of light and shadow. The scale of it will make you feel dwarfed."
  • Morphopolis - Micro Macro Games
    "Inspired by Machinarium and Tiny Bang Story, Morphopolis has fantastic botanical art, reminiscent of 70's illustration and animation."
  • Reus - Abbey Games
    "A gorgeously composed god game, in which you raise ecosystems and tribes, then smite them if they get too greedy."
  • Silhouette - Manikin Games
    "Two-player, turn-based game in which one player must escape and the other must hunt. The closer you are to each other, the shorter the turns become..."
  • Sneaksneak - Frambosa
    "Atmospheric, two-player co-op stealth platforming, filled with gorgeous little bits of sound and animation."
  • That Dragon, Cancer - Josh Larson
    "Profoundly unsettling, in some ways even comforting, and unlike anything else I've ever played. Sometimes, it seems like there is nothing to do but pace."
  • Trash TV - Lawrie Russell
    "In this co-op and single-player platformer, the cartoony aesthetics conceal a dry sense of brutality."
  • Undercurrent - Undercurrent Development
    "Not shy of new technology or ambitious projects, this student team are building a diving game for the Oculus Rift."

And here is the confirmed list of mobile and tablet games:

  • Helix - Michael Brough
    "Excellent variation on a shoot-'em-up, in which you cannot shoot and must weave instead."
  • Out There - Mi-Clos Studio
    "A narrative, comic book-like game with a realistic approach to science-fiction. Return to earth, knowing that hundreds of years are passing in your absence."
  • RYMDKAPSEL - grapefrukt games
    "This a beautiful little resource-management game set in the depths of space. It seems so hopeful the first time you play it, until you slowly realise it's futile... and begin the challenge again."
  • Stickets - Wanderlands
    "A minimalist, gorgeous and fiendish puzzle game."

For more details on Rezzed (22nd/23rd June!), including the developer sessions line-up (Chris Avellone! Ragnar Tornquist! Creative Assembly!) and playable games (Rome 2! Company of Heroes 2!), check out

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