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Retro shmup/metroidvania A.N.N.E. hits its Kickstarter goal

UPDATE: Wii U, Vita and Ouya versions confirmed.

Update: A.N.N.E. may not hit its various console stretch goals with $89,662 raised and only 22 hours to go, but developer Gamesbymo has issued a Kickstarter update explaining that the platformer/shmup will still come to Wii U, Vita and Ouya regardless of whether or not it hits its mark. It will just take longer if it doesn't.

"The consoles listed in the stretch goals will happen regardless of if we meet the stretch goals or not. But it will take longer than if we do meet the stretch goals," noted the developer.

Original story: Last month I wrote about A.N.N.E., a cute little 16-bit shmuproidvania that mixes exploration, combat, physics puzzles and navigation both in and out of a ship. I'm now happy to report that A.N.N.E. has surpassed its $70K Kickstarter goal with over a week to go.

During that time developer Gamesbymo is trying to meet some of its stretch goals so A.N.N.E. can come to such platforms as Mac ($80K), Ouya ($115K), PSN/Vita ($125K) and Wii U ($150K). Additionally, at $90K it will have a gender-swap mode so you can play as the titular robot rescuing her captive boyfriend.

As of now A.N.N.E. has accrued $74,820 with eight days to go before its 22nd May deadline.