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Retail Xbox Ones will be unlocked as test kits later this year

Microsoft says there's "no correlation" between game length and sales.

Microsoft confirmed that retail Xbox Ones will be unlocked as test kits for games being developed in the Windows 10 universal app.

This will happen in the second half of 2015, the console manufacturer revealed at a GDC panel attended by Eurogamer.

ID@Xbox director Chris Charla noted that Microsoft is bringing its self-publishing program, ID@Xbox, to Windows 10.

Of course, self-publishing has always been an option on PC, but going through Microsoft's impending unified app platform has some advantages.

Joining the programme gives developers two dev kits at no charge, and enables support for Gamerscore, Achievements, Xbox Live, Kinect and so on. There are no fees for certification or updates.

Furthermore, you'll gain access to Microsoft's expertise and its gargantuan collection of data. For example, Charla noted that "your launch date is probably as important as your control scheme."

More interestingly, Charla revealed that "the correlation between game length - like how long it takes to beat your game - and how your game sells is non-existent. There is literally no correlation there." Fascinating!

He added that you don't have to take Microsoft's advice, but it's there for those who want it.

Charla boasted that porting between platforms on the universal app is very easy. In fact, Other Ocean ported #IDARB to PC in a day.

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