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Resistance 3 release date announced

Special editions, pre-order extras detailed.

Exclusive PlayStation 3 shooter Resistance 3 launches in the UK and Ireland on 9th September, publisher Sony has announced.

A clutch of pre-order incentives have also been confirmed for Insomniac's FPS sequel. Depending on your choice of retailer, you can pick up the following extras, as detailed on the PlayStation Blog:

  • SRPA Black Ops skin: Once a common sight in the war against the Chimera, this special SRPA Black Ops multiplayer skin lets you return to the battlefield as one of the most mysterious and deadly soldiers from Resistance 2 and Resistance: Fall of Man.
  • Infected Nathan Hale skin: By skipping his viral inhibitor treatment throughout Resistance 2, Nathan Hale fell victim to the deadly Chimera virus. Now you can resurrect the fallen hero with this special multiplayer character skin.
  • Air Fuel grenade: Equip Joseph Capelli with an explosive advantage as he embarks on his journey across America. This exclusive grenade releases a cloud of highly flammable vapour, creating a huge blast when ignited – perfect for taking out hordes of Chimera in tight urban spaces.
  • Special multiplayer title - "Sentinel": Pledge your allegiance to the elite unit of the SRPA – the Sentinels – with this multiplayer title, exclusive to pre-order customers.
  • Multiplayer booster - Get an early advantage on the multiplayer battlefield by starting the fight at level 5 – and gain access to a range of character and weapon customisation options.
  • Chimera tooth necklace: Show your support for the resistance by wearing Joseph Capelli's Chimera tooth necklace.

On top of all that lot, Sony has also announced two special editions of the game. The standard special edition comes with all the add-ons listed above, a steelbook case and 'vinyl effect' blu-ray disc.

The Survivor Edition adds in a canvas satchel, a Chimera firing range target poster, "Fight for Freedom" toy soldiers, Joseph Capelli's journal, an SRPA hip flask and SRPA playing cards. No word on a price yet, but that lot sounds expensive.

Take a look at the images below for more colour, and read our recent hands-on preview to find how the game is shaping up.

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