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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Republique, Prey and Blacklight devs reveal game prototypes

Pirate ships, stealth assassinations and evolving wildlife. Oh my!

A trio of well known developers have revealed some game prototypes they're developing with Square Enix's cloud gaming company Shinra Technologies

République developer Camoflaj is working on a "stealth-based assassination game" in shifting arenas.

Hardsuit Labs, primarily comprised of ex-Zombie Studios (Blacklight: Retribution) staffers, is making an "evolution simulator" with thousands of procedurally-generated creatures.

And Prey developer Human Head is working on a "naval combat-focused multiplayer game" with realistic water physics as players battle pirates and sea creatures.

These prototypes are all part Shinra's Prototype Accelerator Program, which funds prototypes, though it's up the the developers what they do with said prototypes after the fact. Perhaps Shinra's parent company, Square Enix, will fund them so they can be turned into full games, but that's yet to be determined at this early stage.

Here's some concept art of the prototypes in question:

Camoflaj's prototype.
Hardsuit Labs's prototype.
Human Head's prototype.