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Report finds fewer Chinese youth play games following government restrictions

54 percent comply with regulations.

Following the introduction of government-mandated gaming restrictions, 54 percent of Chinese youth are reportedly playing games within regulated hours.

That's according to a new 2022 China Youth Gamers report from Niko Partners (thanks GamesIndustry.biz).

The study found that 77 percent of youth are at least playing fewer hours per week, even though only 54 percent are within approved hours.

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That means a considerable number are still finding ways to circumvent restrictions.

Niko Partners found 60 percent of Chinese youngsters played games during 2020, which it forecast will drop to 56 percent by 2026.

The report surveyed 1000 parents of minors and 250 teenagers and included interviews with parents, teachers, and experts.

Restrictions for Chinese youth were put in place in 2021, limiting gaming for under 18s to just an hour per day and only on Fridays, weekends, and public holidays.

At the time, online gaming was described as "spiritual opium" for young people. Regulations were laid out, to be enforced by gaming companies and inspected by the government - which also tracks the online activity of children using real-name identification.

The government has also stepped up regulations around livestreaming games.