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Remember Star Control? A new one is in development

Stardock revives old PC sci-fi series.

Stardock has announced Star Control: Origins, a new game in the sci-fi series.

In the game you assume the role of the captain of Earth's first interstellar starship, and explore a procedurally created galaxy. Expect to bump into various alien races and explore worlds.

Origins is set in 2086, when humans receive a distress call from an alien ship that's crashed on the moon of Triton. This leads to the formation of Star Control, the international space agency.

Star Control began life in 1990 on the Amiga and PC. A sequel followed in 1992 and a third game came out in 1996. Stardock (Sins of a Solar Empire) bought the rights to the series from Atari in July 2013. A new studio was set up in Towson Maryland to create Origins, which is due out on PC in 2017.

The teaser video below gives you an idea of what Stardock is shooting for.

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