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Remember Evil Genius? There's an online version on Facebook and it's in open beta

Rebellion reignites PC RTS.

Evil Genius Online has just gone into open beta.

It's the work of UK developer Rebellion, creator of Aliens vs. Predator, NeverDead and Sniper Elite.

Evil Genius was a 2004 PC real-time strategy game developed by the now defunct Elixir Studios that saw your malevolent super-villain attempting to achieve world domination by any means necessary.

Evil Genius Online is a Facebook game. Yes, I know, Facebook, but Rebellion hopes the game, alongside some others in the works, will "debunk a lot of myths about the platform in 2014".

Rebellion boss Jason Kingsley said:

"When we launched the closed beta, we made it a priority to reach out to fans of the 2004 Evil Genius PC game rather than a wider audience. I think it's fair to say the Evil Genius community voiced some initial concerns about our direction, but it's these same gamers that not only got behind the game, but played a big part in making it better".

Evil Genius Online was announced in August 2013 and has spent eight weeks in closed beta. It launches proper on Facebook in early 2014.

Kingsley added: "Free-to-play and browser games aren't for just one kind of person, or one kind of game. We think Evil Genius Online's blend of strategy, black humour, and cutting-edge browser tech will resonate with a lot gamers. Whatever their favourite platform, if they've got a browser, they'll be able to enjoy Evil Genius Online free."

Screenshots are below.

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