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Rebellion starts social games division

Alien vs Predator dev exploring Facebook.

UK-based Alien vs Predator studio Rebellion has opened a new division focusing on social games, the developer announced today.

The move comes closely after its recent Facebook resuscitation of PC RTS series Evil Genius. According to CEO Jason Kingsley, the success of that offering has given the studio "appetite" to expand its work in the emerging sector.

"One thing that has become increasingly apparent over the last few years is that gamers can't be defined as just people who own consoles - people who use social media like Facebook or use smartphones all play games and this is an exciting new opportunity that we want to explore," he explained.

No specific projects have been announced as of yet, but CTO Chris Kingsley added that the developer was looking forward to bringing "18 years of console and PC games experience to this sector and produce games that reach new players who would never consider themselves to be gamers."

Rebellion has one traditional console title also in the works – PS3/Xbox 360 third person actioner NeverDead. Its last release, sci-fi shooter Alien vs Predator scored a middling 6/10 last year.