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Reader Reviews

Zoids Battle Legends, Destruction Derby, GoldenEye (old one), Beyond Good & Evil, Harvest Moon GBA, Rainbow Six III and Magic the Gathering: Online get a going over. More to come later this week.

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Writing intros to Reader Reviews is starting to feel like making up new rules in the playground. As soon as we feel we've settled into a rhythm, something like the autumn of games - or an extended lunchbreak - springs up to derail us. Fortunately for you, it only takes a few hundred kicks to our collective backside to deliver, so here today we're publishing around half of the backed up submissions, and we'll endeavour to put another load up in due course. We actually will. We're also looking into ways of letting you post your own reviews with some form of easygoing authentication procedure for us to make sure you haven't said anything naughty in the process. Like the Peter Molyneux of old, we'll let you know what happens to that idea just as soon as we've had time to break the news to our tech guys...

In the meantime, here are some of your recent submissions: