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Re-Volt Classic launches on App Store

Ported by former Split/Second, Pure dev.

The iPad and iPhone port of radio controlled car racing game Re-Volt has launched on the App Store.

It costs £3.99 and works with the iPad and iPhone 3GS forward.

The mobile version of the game was created by Big Bit, the Brighton-based developer headed by by Nick Baynes, who co-created the fast-paced Dreamcast, PC, PlayStation and Nintendo 64 racer while at Acclaim Studios in 1999. Baynes was game director at now-shuttered Split/Second and Pure developer Black Rock. The Re-Volt IP is owned by Korean company We Go Interactive, which picked up the rights in 2010.

Re-Volt Classic has new high-res visuals and touch controls. There are 14 tracks, 42 cars and five game modes.