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Razer's new mousemat has customisable lighting effects

16.8m colour options, or so we red.

The latest mousemat from PC peripheral manufacturer Razer features illumination in up to 16.8m colour options.

The Razer Firefly mousemat boasts lighting along three of its four borders that sync up with other Razer devices and the company's own software.

It means that you can boast a coordinated colour scheme with your mouse, keyboard, headset and mousemat. Just what you've always wanted.

But such luxuries do not come cheap. The Razer Firefly comes with an RRP of €75/$60, which works out to around £50.

Razer will throw in a copy of its Chroma SDK, however, so game developers can integrate the range's lighting effects into games.

Imagine your gear glowing red when you're low on health, or gently rippling blue if you're underwater. It's a nice idea, anyway.