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Rayman creator Michel Ancel reveals new IP Wild

Play as any creature in a land as big as Europe.

Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel has revealed a new PS4-exclusive IP called Wild.

This is not Ancel's next project at Ubisoft - which may or may not be Beyond Good & Evil 2 - but rather the debut effort of his new indie outfit, Wild Sheep Studios.

Revealed at Sony's Gamescom press conference today, Wild is an open-world game set in a natural landscape as big as Europe.

Its most intriguing draw is that you'll be able to play as any kind of creature in this colossal world. The debut trailer shows a male and female human, but also all sorts of other fauna like sheep, boars, wolves, sharks, hawks and more.

There are even fantastical creatures like sentient skeletons, creepy ape-like simians, and a giant horned, humanoid goddess.

Beyond that we don't know what the actual gameplay will be like, but there's plenty of footage of various creatures hunting whatever is beneath them on the food chain, so perhaps it will be similar to Tokyo Jungle minus the Tokyo part.

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