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Radiant Mythology in August

Ubisoft doing honours.

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Ubisoft has announced it will be releasing Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology across Europe on 31st August.

It's the latest PSP instalment in the rather wonderful Japanese role-playing series from Namco Bandai. Those of you in the US will have been enjoying it for a couple of weeks already, and it's attracted largely favourable reviews there from critics.

Radiant Mythology has all the bits and pieces you might expect. There's plenty of character customisation, buckets of fantasy items, a handful of classes, plenty of new and old characters, plus the Free Run Linear Motion Battle system - also known as the one in Tales of the Abyss. You'll even be able to swap things with your friends using the ad-hoc wireless connection.

The Tales series has spread across multiple platforms in the past. Arguably the best outing to date has been Tales of Symphonia on GameCube.

Head over to our Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology gamepage to look at the most recent screenshots and trailers.

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