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QWOP creator debuts new game CLOP

Go forth, noble steed!

Ridiculous physics-based track-and-field running game QWOP has received a spiritual sequel from its creator Bennett Foddy with CLOP, a game about a unicorn trying to make it up a hill.

For those unfamiliar with Foddy's work, his games have purposefully awkward controls that make supposedly simple actions like walking a recipe for dynamic physical comedy.

QWOP tasks you with controlling a marathon runner by controlling both his thighs and shins with the "Q," "W," "O" and "P" keys. It shouldn't take more than five seconds before he flips over, falls flat on his face or starts shuffling across the track while doing the splits.

His follow-up GIRP is about a rock climber who has to grab handholds represented by keyboard keys to propel himself up a mountain, and Pole Riders is a primarily two-player competitive game about pole vaulters trying to push a ball tethered to a horizontal rope into their opponent's goal.

His latest title CLOP is a riff off QWOP with a few subtle changes; instead of a man you're a unicorn, instead of running right, you move left, and the buttons are mapped to "K" and "H" for the front legs and "J" and "L" for the hind ones. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense.

Your goal is to rescue a virgin for your bratty master who taunts you in ye olde English when you fail, which you'll do... a lot. But give it a go anyway. You may be surprised at how addictive it is to control what appears to be a unicorn having a stroke.