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QWOP awkwardly shuffles onto Android

It's all mental.

Bennett Foddy's physical comedy cult classic browser game QWOP has made it to Android for a scant £0.62 / $0.99.

He was robbed!

While Foddy didn't port the game himself, he commended developer Noodlecake in its adaptation on Twitter.

QWOP gets its name from the "Q," "W," "O," and "P" keys you hit on the keyboard to control the Olympic runner's calves and thighs in the browser version. On Android, however, there's a new control scheme in which you move your thumbs in clockwise circles to make him run, while titling the device forward or back will alter the angle at which he leans.

This Android adaptation features five game modes including: 100m, Hurdles, Long Jump, Steeplechase, and 50km Walk. And of course, there's leaderboards so you can compete with your friends as you slowly tumble your way to victory.

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