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Quiet actress Stefanie Joosten working on mech combat game Vengeance is Mine

Gear up.

Stefanie Joosten, who played Quiet in Metal Gear Solid 5, is creative director of a new mech combat title called Vengeance is Mine.

Joosten unveiled the game, which is due out on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S at some point in 2023, in the video below, alongside a snapshot of a character.

Cover image for YouTube videoVengeance is Mine - Teaser

Vengeance is Mine has a time-manipulation mechanic that lets players speed up time and blink towards enemies, or rewind time to readjust combos or cheat death.

Here's the official blurb:

"Players will step into the shoes of Gabriel Jaeger, brutally executed by three time travellers heading back to 1664 to obtain an old piece of technology that will allow them to operate the Deacon - a derelict military installation buried under the streets of New Amsterdam.

"Charles Jaeger, now in full control of the Deacon, rallies his flock to meet their spiritual leader Robert Wright beyond the horizon of space and time. His only problem is Gabriel. Barely making it out alive, Gabriel is in control of the prototype HYDRA mech suit and ready to wreak his revenge."

Stefanie Joosten.

Vengeance is Mine is published by 110 Industries, a new video game company that made a few announcements during this week's Tokyo Game Show. Another of these is third-person action game Wanted: Dead, due out on PS5, Xbox Series X and S and PC in 2022.

Wanted: Dead is set in a sci-fi version of Hong Kong. You play Lt. Hannah Stone, leader of the "Zombie Unit". Joosten is also working on Wanted: Dead as the cutscene director, and plays the lead as well as supporting roles.

110 Industries said Wanted: Dead is inspired by Devil May Cry and Bayonetta, and has a limb-severing mechanic "that changes enemy attack patterns adding style and substance to combat encounters".

The trailer, which shows pre-alpha gameplay, is below:

Cover image for YouTube videoWanted: Dead - Teaser

110 Industries did not announce the developer of Vengeance is Mine, but according to IGN the developer of Wanted: Dead is Japanese studio Soleil, which is made up of former Team Ninja staff who left Tecmo alongside Tomonobu Itagaki in 2008. The studio's credits include Ninjala (Nintendo Switch), Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes and Itagaki's ill-fated Wii U game Devil's Third.

And finally, 110 Industries announced sci-fi racing game Red Goes Faster, due out on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X and S and Nintendo Switch in 2024 (the Switch will still be knocking about in 2024, right?). It apparently has nothing to do with the orks from Warhammer 40,000. The trailer is below:

Cover image for YouTube videoRed Goes Faster - Teaser