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Quantic Dream's Star Wars game apparently set in High Republic era

Sabre up your pennies.

The mysterious Star Wars project currently in the works at Quantic Dream is reportedly set during the franchise's new High Republic era.

The Star Wars game is still to be officially announced by Disney or Quantic Dream, the controversial French studio behind Heavy Rain and Detroit.

But details have repeatedly leaked of the game's development - and this latest morsel comes from a rumour shared by Venturebeat's Jeff Grubb.

Currently named "Star Wars Eclipse", the project is set during the affluent High Republic era, around 200 years before the Skywalker Saga. (It's not to be confused the Old Republic, set thousands of years prior.)

This is a time period currently being used as a major staging ground for numerous intertwined novels, comics, audio dramas, manga and other bits and pieces, while the main Star Wars film series takes a much-needed break.

Grubb stated he thought Eclipse would be revealed before the end of 2021 - all eyes on December's Game Awards, then.

A previously rather undetailed era in Star Wars chronology, the High Republic marks a time where its galaxy is more or less at peace. The Jedi are around in huge numbers to keep everything above board, and galactic culture is going through a renaissance. Until everything goes wrong, of course.

Dozens of projects set in the High Republic era have already been launched, and there had previously been rumours that a video game would also be part of the era's offering.

Quantic Dream most recently hit the headlines as the studio's bid to sue several French publications was finally concluded, with all judgements ruling in favour of the journalists. Quantic Dream bosses David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière also took separate legal action, and won in one instance.

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