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Quantic Dream shows off The Dark Sorcerer

PS4 tech demo hints at Beyond developer's next game?

Quantic Dream used Sony's PlayStation conference at E3 to reveal a new technical demo. Dubbed The Dark Sorcerer, it was a showcase for what the French studio can achieve on the PlayStation 4.

The old man - who didn't look as sad as he did in the initial PS4 reveal, whipping up storms of magical spells that highlighted the particle effects possible on Sony's new console - was revealed as David Gant, an established actor who starred in Braveheart.

The fourth-wall breaking demonstration ended with the camera panning back to reveal two actors in a studio in a fashion similar to earlier tech demo The Casting, and was a snippet of a larger 12-minute long demo that's being debuted tomorrow.

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Quantic Dream's tech demos typically pave they way for its next project proper - The Casting led to Heavy Rain, while last year's Project Kara laid the foundation for Beyond: Two Souls.