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QuakeCon set for id's big reveal?

Plus, id hints that we've not seen the last of Doom and Quake.

id Software has dropped hints that QuakeCon will be the coming out party for its next big title - a brand new intellectual property based on id Tech 5.

The developer's annual fan convention takes place between 2nd and 5th August in Dallas, and has played host to other revelations in the past - including Doom 3.

"[At E3] we wanted to have stuff we could show, not just talk about, which is Enemy Territory and some of our technology stuff," CEO Todd Hollenshead told Eurogamer in an interview published today, "but we're going to hold off on discussing stuff that we really don't have a lot to show about until QuakeCon."

"So if you happen to be in Dallas in about three weeks, you should try and make it out, and if not, stay tuned."

Hollenshead also suggested that while id's attention is currently focused on its new game, existing brands like Doom and Quake could well return in collaborative form, as with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

"There's not really anything specific that we can talk about at this point on those, but those franchises are still alive in idea form," he said.

Tim Willits chipped in: "We have a really great direction and production team that can work really well with other companies like Splash Damage on Enemy Territory to expand the multiple brands that we do have."

"Yeah, and, you know, like Raven with Wolfenstein," Hollenshead added. "You can put two and two together and see maybe where we might be going with some other stuff."

Which seems like a decent enough cue for wild, unrealistic speculation. How about Commander Keen, for Wii, developed by Hideo Kojima? Let's have it.