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Quake celebrates 25th anniversary with new enhanced edition, out today

Available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC.

id Software hasn't done an entirely great job of keeping its secrets secret ahead of this year's QuakeCon, but with this year's digital-only event now underway, those earlier leaks are starting to be officially confirmed, beginning with the rumoured new edition of seminal 1996 FPS shooter Quake - which turns out to be an enhanced remaster from Night Dive Studios, and is out now on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

Announced during Quakecon's opening livestream session (which saw id's Marty Stratton and Kevin Cloud, alongside Machine Games' Jerk Gustafsson, reflecting on Quake 25th anniversary), the newly enhanced version of Quake includes visual improvements, online and local split-screen multiplayer, plus a wealth of additional content.

Purchasers will receive the original Quake, its two official expansions - The Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity - plus two expansions created by Wolfenstein: The New Order developer Machine Games: Dimensions of the Past and the all-new Dimension of the Machine. Additionally, mods are supported on PC, while console player will be able to enjoy a selection of curated mods (as was the case for id's updated versions of Doom on consoles) at a later date.

Quake - Official Trailer (2021)Watch on YouTube

In terms of multiplayer, online and local split-screen are featured, and that includes co-op support for up to four players across Quake's solo campaign, its original expansions, and the two new Machine Games additions.

On the technical side of things, widescreen and up to 4K resolution are supported (on "compatible platforms"), and the game features enhanced models, dynamic lighting, anti-aliasing, depth of field, and "more" graphical enhancements. id also notes a free update for Xbox X/S and PlayStation 5 - introducing 4K/120fps - is coming "soon".

Quake's enhanced edition is available now via Steam and on PC (players that already own a copy on either platform will get the enhanced edition for free), as well as on Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. Expect it to cost around £8/$9.99 USD.

Game Pass subscribers on PC can also play the enhanced edition today, alongside two additional Quake treats: the original versions of Quake 2 and Quake Arena.

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