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Q*bert Rebooted comes to Steam next week

With mobile versions to follow.

The 1982 classic arcade game Q*bert is getting a re-release next Tuesday, 8th July, on Steam with spruced up graphics and added features.

Dubbed Q*bert Rebooted, this remake was developed by Galaxy Pest Control and licensed by IP-holder Sony Pictures Consumer Products. This contemporary interpretation of the coin-op classic will allow players to choose between the original version of the game (with its pixelated sprites) and a more modern variant with "state-of-the-art 3D graphics" that stays "true to the spirit of the original concept."

The Q*bert remake will contain seven new playable characters, three new enemies, 10 Achievements, and a Level Select function in which you can replay unlocked stages to compete against your friends on the leaderboards.

Q*bert Rebooted will cost $4.99 (about £3) on Steam. Mobile and tablet versions will follow at an unannounced date.