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Pyramid Head haunts Dead by Daylight in new costume

UPDATE: Resi's Nemesis now also blighted.

UPDATE 01/11/21: Resident Evil's Nemesis now also has a blight costume in Dead by Daylight.

That means not only do both Nemesis and Pyramid Head have Blighted Sets as part of the Hallowed Curse Collection, it also brings these two iconic horror franchises together. Both costumes are available now from the in-game store.

Check out a new trailer of the killers in action.

ORIGINAL STORY 27/10/21: New Silent Hill content has been added to Dead by Daylight just in time for Halloween.

In addition to the Silent Hill chapter already available, which added the iconic Pyramid Head as a killer, two new costume sets are now available.

The first is the Pyramid Blight Set which sees the killer injecting "a searing dose of putrid serum into his system" that has his blade and body "dripping with rotting matter". Lovely.

Secondly, James Sunderland has been added as a costume for survivor Cheryl Mason.

Both characters were introduced in the PS2's Silent Hill 2, often considered the best in the series.

"As one of the original characters in the Silent Hill series, James Sunderland has been in the works for quite a long time," said Product Store Manager, Rose Li.

"Things happen, deadlines shift to accommodate different content, and even though this was a release we had first envisioned for July, Halloween actually feels like the perfect moment to bring James into our game along with a grisly new look for Pyramid Head."

Check out more information on the additions and the Silent Hill chapter on the Dead by Daylight website. Let's just hope this one doesn't end up as an NFT...

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