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Puzzle Guzzle for PSP

Out in US next year.

Agetec has announced plans to publish the excellently named "Puzzle Guzzle" for PSP from Irem next spring.

In it, players race to assemble triangles and other shapes by rotating marked squares pieces (it says here).

"It may sound simple," apparently, "but winning at Puzzle Guzzle requires that players think in multiple dimensions to succeed."

There are competitive modes to play against friends, and, er, that appears to be your lot in terms of description.

Fortunately there's a bit more on the Agetec website, including a firm 26th February release date (is February in spring?) and box artwork.

We're told there to expect three puzzle modes - Quiz, Drop and Stuffit - with hundreds of puzzles, scope for chain reactions and downloadable content via Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Check out this Puzzle Guzzle PSP screenshot gallery for more.