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Puzzle Bobble Universe 3DS announced

Out in April.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Puzzle Bobble Universe for Nintendo 3DS will launch in Europe on 22nd April, Square Enix has announced.

It is the latest in the classic puzzle game series that stars dinosaur brothers Bub and Bob.

The main draw this time are, of course, the 3D visuals. Via what are called Gimmick Bubbles, "dramatic visual effects on a screen with depth have been added to the well-received traditional puzzle elements where the player tries to put colourful bubbles together to make them disappear".

Elsewhere, there are two modes: Puzzle and Challenge. Puzzle sees players travel around eight worlds, each with 11 stages for a total of 88 in the game. Challenge mode features various troublesome game types, including Non-Stop Bubbles and timed games.

Screenshots are below.

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