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PSP2: Call of Duty confirmed for NGP

Activision gets Sony's back.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Activision has joined Sony's Next Generation Portable jamboree in Japan today to announce a Call of Duty game for the brand new handheld.

Senior VP Philip Earl represented the publisher on-stage at Sony's PlayStation Meeting event, promising that the NGP Call of Duty game would raise bars, do deep and immersive things and so on. He did not announce any specifics.

Call of Duty joins an already-illustrious list of games for the brand new handheld, due out this holiday season. Other confirmed shooters include Killzone and Resistance from Sony's partners.

Call of Duty's only previous appearance on a Sony handheld was Call of Duty: Roads to Victory, derived from Call of Duty 3. The name did not prove to be appropriate.

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