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PSP2 as powerful as PS3 – report

Could be out as early as October.

Last month we heard that the PSP2 can reproduce visuals on par with those seen in early PlayStation 3 games, but today a new report claims Sony has told game companies the PSP2 'is as powerful as the PlayStation 3'.

MCV reports that the PSP2 will be on store shelves by Christmas – possibly even as early as October.

Sony is said to be "pitching the device as a high-end portable equivalent" of the PS3, with rich games content to match. Sony is apparently requesting "richer, more in-depth content to differentiate its device from app-centric Apple and Android devices".

This tallies with leaked information from last year, which suggested Sony aims to allow developers to port their PS3 games to PSP2 to create a "ubiquitous gameplay experience". Potentially, gamers would be able to seamlessly continue their PS3 gaming on PSP2.

As was reported yesterday, Sony plans to unveil the PSP2 at a Tokyo press event later this month.

MCV claims the handheld will also be shown at the Game Developers Conference and E3 2011.

The device features a high definition screen, twin-stick controls and combines physical media with digital downloads of smaller games and apps from PSN.

What's interesting is MCV's suggestion the PSP2 could "maybe even incorporate a phone, but not as a primary function".

Sony this morning told Eurogamer it had no comment to make on the report.