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PSP still a "vibrant platform" - Harrison

Atari planning downloadable games.

Atari didn't make a single PSP game announcement at its global showcase last week, but president Phil Harrison has dismissed concerns over support for the handheld, praising Sony's device as a "vibrant platform" and promising more titles for the future.

"We have published on PSP and I'm sure we will continue to publish on PSP; we didn't have any announcements to make today," the Atari president told Eurogamer at the London event.

In contrast, Atari showed two platform-exclusives for Nintendo's wildly successful DS during the presentation, Dragon Ball: Origins and quirky love-'em-up The Chase: Felix Meets Felicity.

However, Harrison, a key figure behind the launch of PSP in his previous role, insisted that Atari was planning more games for Sony's portable - with a fresh focus on downloadable offerings.

"There is no doubt that PSP is a very vibrant platform from a hardware perspective and I think Sony has recently made some good moves into opening up online distribution for software on PSP, so I'm looking to explore that."

Now he doesn't have to hate everything that isn't made by Sony, Big Phil also revealed that he's a big fan of iPhone. He called Apple's device a "game changer" and described the popularity of the App Store as "a phenomenon that I think is going to change the way that certain kinds of devices consume content forever". Blimey.

So far Atari has released retro titles Missile Command and Super Breakout for iPhone and iPod Touch. "We've got more to come, but standby for some more announcements," he added.