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PSP Slim cables at launch

White SKU to follow, says Sony.

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Sony has denied reports retailers will not be receiving official TV cables for the new PSP Slim and Lite model when it launches in the UK on 14th September, reports. Although it did admit the white model has been delayed.

The claims were made in an article on earlier this week, which cited an official spokesman for GAME stores as the source of the news.

However, when contacted by, a Sony spokesman confirmed that the official cables will be available alongside the PSP Slim and Lite at launch.

The spokesperson did concede that only the black version of the new PSP will be available on September 14. The 'ceramic white' PSP Slim and Lite will follow in October.

The TV cables allow PSP users to play PSP games and UMD videos on TV sets, a major new feature of the revised PSP hardware.

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