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PSP Media Manager for free

Sony Japan puts it out there.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony in Japan has released its Windows PC media management program for organising content on the PSP for free.

Pop along to the likes of Amazon and you'll find that you're being asked to cough up around 15 quid to use it, but, as the clever clogses at Kotaku have discovered, once you get through the Japanese install procedure the software itself runs in English.

The 32MB program is downloadable on the Sony Japan website, and installing it is mostly a question of pressing the button that sits where "Next" usually goes, and one instance of clicking a radio button before doing so.

The program will install QuickTime and MS Visual C++ 2005, so watch out for that if you're squeamish.

Otherwise, it's quite a clever way to organise yourself. Just remember to have an Memory Stick in your PSP and the handheld hooked up to your PSP before you fire up the program.

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