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PSP gets more video support

Bigger files, PSN patch in 3.30.

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PlayStation Portable has been patched to version 3.30 overnight, introducing support for bigger video files and paving the way for new PSone games to be introduced to the PlayStation 3 Store as premium downloads.

3.30 has yet to show up on the European or American official firmware update sites at the time of writing, but you can download it from the Japanese one or unofficial site

The maximum supported file size for videos has been upped presumably to allow for files aimed at use on both PSP and PS3, while the expanded PS Network title support also includes a "Disc Read Speed" option allowing you to speed up how the games perform on the PSP's PSone emulator - but at the risk of encountering glitches. Sadly there's no word on when the PSP might be able to download PS Network titles directly, rather than having to go through the PS3 Store.

Other changes include support for thumbnails under the RSS and Video channels, although this may involve some fiddly renaming judging by the loud, shouty protests we've just been reading on a few forums. For more specific details, keep your eyes on the European and American update sites. Sony advises you not to use firmware from regions other than the one you bought your PSP.

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