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PSN Europe Service Status indicator coming soon

Up or down?

Soon, European PlayStation users will be able to easily check whether PlayStation Network is up or down.

Are we going up or down? It feels like down. Great. Thank you, Jack.

Sony Computer Entertainment America recently launched a PSN Service Status Indicator. It tells you which services are up and running. At the time of publication, everything - from account management to gaming and social, from PlayStation Now to the PlayStation Store - has a lovely green tick against it.

Happy days.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe told Eurogamer it plans to add something similar, and it will go live in the coming weeks.

Microsoft's been running an Xbox Live service status page for a while now. Soon, European PlayStation users will have one of their own, which is welcome, because PSN has a reputation for falling over when you least want it to. And let's not forget planned maintenance.

Who can forget planned maintenance?