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PS4 shoots through 50m sold barrier


The PlayStation 4's sales success continues: as of 6th December it had sold over 50m units.

That's sold through to consumers - not shipped. And it's worth noting the figure includes the recently-released PS4 Pro.

Everything is going according to plan!

Recent sales were fuelled by Black Friday. Sony said this year's sales event was the best ever Black Friday week in the history of PlayStation. Sony boss Kaz Hirai will no doubt be pleased.

As of 4th December, more than 369.6m PS4 games had been sold, including both physical and digital.

PS4 has reached the impressive sales milestone three years after going on sale. Can it beat out the all-conquering PS2, which as of March 2015 had sold a staggering 155m? That figure was achieved 15 years after the PS2 went on sale. PS4's only been on sale for three years. So, perhaps!

Of course, Microsoft doesn't report Xbox One sales figures. It prefers to talk about Xbox Live users and engagement. PS4 has a comfortable lead over its competitor, but Xbox One has had a good time of it lately, selling healthy numbers in both the UK and the US.

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